3M™ Sun Control Window Film

The sun control product line from 3M is designed for managing sunlight exposure and energy preservation in commercial and residential buildings.

Sun Control Window Film Installation


The Anti-glare properties of 3M sun control film help reduce glare by 95%, at that almost completely (99%) eliminating exposure to harmful UV rays. We are authorized installers of 3M Anti-glare film.

Daylight Redirecting

The daylight redirecting film from 3M tackles the problem of glare, hot spots and UV exposure by redirecting the sunlight towards the ceiling thanks to the optical properties engineered into the film.

Transitional & Photochromic

The photochromic film (or transitional window film) provides self-adjusting protection from glare and harmful UV exposure with the window tint activating during the daylight hours and subsiding as it gets darker.

UV Protection

The UV protection window film properties help protect your furniture, wall art and other items inside your home or office by filtering out the damaging UV light rays and letting natural light in.

Sun Blocking

3M sun control window films are engineered to provide superb UV light protection by mitigating the detrimental effects of UV rays and keeping excessive heat at bay, helping create a comfortable environment in your space.

Skylight Tinting

3M sun control window film helps mitigate the energy loss problems related to skylights in residential and commercial buildings. The application of 3M sun control window films to skylights is a popular option.

Dynamic & Adaptive

The Dynamic window film with adaptive tint is a popular high-tech solution for offices and other spaces where privacy is important. This film adjusts opacity from fully transparent to opaque.

Clear Heat Control

The heat control window film adds homey comfort to your space while also helping you save on energy costs, which is one of the most looked for benefits in window film projects.

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Fully Certified & Authorized Installer

We are a fully authorized and certified dealer and installer for 3M solar window film solutions. Our team has helped many businesses and families make their working and living environment better. Talk to us about your window film needs, we will help you understand what solutions will work best for you and walk you through the process of implementing this solution in your property.

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